Friday, May 25, 2007

To get you through your Friday

I know that it is Friday before a long holiday so almost everyone is just looking for a way to kill time to get through the day so I decided to do a quick post to help you through the day. First of all I would like to announce the glorious opening of Bob's Brainfreeze the greatest shaved ice of all time. Tracey and I have waited for the opening of this amazing place. It is so good we drive all the way to it's location on 33rd S in the Milo sports parking lot even though there are many closer shaved ice places. Check it out but a word of advice, don't go too late when the place is overrun with teenagers.

Next is a time killer to get you through the work day, a site with their top 10 The Office moments. watch but have another window to switch to if your boss walks by.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Joys of Marriage

Ben was right, I haven't been a very good contributor so I will attempt to redeem myself.

Our 1st wedding anniversary is this Sunday so I thought that now would be a good time reflect on the institute of marriage. This blog is not designed to make anyone who is NOT married feel bad. Nor is it meant to make anyone feel bad about their own spouse. (Although mine is Super Awesome!) It is designed to point out to everyone why being married is such a great thing.

(This is cheesy. . . Watch out!)

1. No more crappy nights trolling for "the one". (If you ARE married and STILL looking for this person, you may want to review your marital status.) No more trying to look super cuter and compete with all the crazy BYU co-eds who get up WAY too early in the morning just to look cute for the 8:00 am class that all the dudes are sleeping through anyway. You've got your perma-date. You know how the night will end . . . without awkward doorstep situation. Plus you know he'll call you in the morning AND he won't be looking at every girl he sees for the next best thing.

2. You always have someone on your side. When friends, family or work is driving you crazy you know that your spouse will always take your side and tell you, "Yes honey, (blank) is the worst. You are so much (prettier, smarter, nicer, skinnier) than (blank)." or "I can't believe (sibling) did that! You are the best kid in your family!"

3. Brains begin to work as one. You see the lady at the store with the horrendous fashion choice and all you have to do is look at each other. Or when you yell "Get off your phone and drive!" and your husband just laughs!

4. Normal schedule. No more nights of staying up until midnight and then trying to wake up a six. Hubby is sleeping in the same bed as you so you don't have to convince him to stay until you go to sleep. (Sometimes he thought you were asleep and would try to sneak out even when you weren't! Snoring doe not equal sleeping!)

5. Support for all your endeavors. He'll buy you heelies even if you are the only adult in America that has them. He'll banish himself to the basement so you can write your stupid thesis. He will even buy you ingredients so you can pursue your life long dream of being a cupcake master.

6. A husband will teach you cool new things to say and witty retorts. Ex. You say, "Honey, you need a haircut." He'll respond with "YOU need a haircut." Or when you say something like, "That's what (blank) said about (blank)." He'll reply with "What does (blank) know. Nothin' . . . That's what!" He will also increase your use of words like "douche-bag", "Awesome" and "Yow-zah!".

7. He will ALWAYS make fun of your crappy ex-boyfriend as long as you sporadically supply him with new material. The only bad part he will almost always follow it with, "You were with him for HOW long?!"

8. He ALWAYS thinks you cute . . . Even if your not.

9. He always makes sure you are taken care of. He'll buy you a brand spankin' new laptop to write your stupid thesis. He'll make you treats to enjoy while you work on your stupid thesis. He'll trek to the library to pick up books for your stupid thesis. He'll even Tivo all of the "Girls Next Door" so you can watch it when you are done writing you stupid thesis.

10. Marriage is the natural state of things.

I used to work with a bunch of women who complained about their husbands incessantly so I always thought that marriage was hard. It's not, I love my husband and I think he's the best.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Summer movies part 1

Ok, if you are at this site then you have noticed the name of this blog has both Tracey and Ben in it. Now I know she is really busy finishing up her thesis, but after June 22nd everyone needs to tell her to step it up and post some stuff. The truth is that I am really not that entertaining and we need some good posts to keep people reading. With that said, I decided to present my summer movie recap, or since I have yet to see any of these movies, a precap. So here are the top 5 movies I am excited about in no particular order

1. Pirates of the Carribean, Attack of Kiera Knighty's Jaw. Ok so I hesitate to point this out since once I noticed it I could no longer take her seriously in anything but Kiera Knightly has a ginormous jaw. She really reminds me of this guy. Anyway, ignoring the jaw this is the movie I am probably he most excited about. From what I hear it focuses a lot on Davey Jones and his ex-lady friend. On an unrelated tangent, if you were trying to be a pirate that strikes fear into the hearts of men would you really go with Davey Jones? I mean Davey? Isn't that like a professional boxer named William going by Willy? Honestly I would pick a much better name like Bruce Bloodfist or something really masculine. Anyway, I give it 3.5 future stars

2. Transformers: Rise of my childhood. Ok so I am automatically excited about this movie since it is a movie based on the greatest toys of my or any generation. Now this has not always worked out well, but I think they have the budget to not make it completely campy and cheesy. Now it is a Michael Bay movie so all I am expecting is lots of explosions and crazy camera angles with little to no plot, but isn't that what summer movies are all about? Plus they already won me over since in the newest trailer has the old school transforming sound in part of it. I give is 3 future stars.

More more movie pre(re)views coming up later...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nerd Love

First of all I have to put a disclaimer that I typed nerd and BYU into Google image search so that means that these people put nerd and BYU to describe this picture so don't get mad at me. Yesterday Tracey happened to spend part of the day on Brigham Young University campus researching her thesis. Her experience there reminded me why I am so glad that I am not going there any more, and gave me the perfect idea for this post. One thing that occurs much more at BYU than any other place on the face of the earth is nerd love.

I guess I should start out by explaining what exactly nerd love is. Nerd love is when two people get together who have never previously had any sort of relationship due to the fact they are big nerds. Now BYU is the center of this for two reasons. First, the school is naturally a magnet for nerds due to the good academics and the tendency of Mormons to be a bit nerdy and socially awkward. Second, the church indirectly makes the students feel like if they do not get married by the time they leave school, then they are a complete failure and they have something seriously wrong with them. Now they do not come out and say this, but it is definitely implied.

The next step is to explain exactly how to spot these nerd lovers. This is easy and fun to do. First of all go to BYU campus and throw a rock and my guess is you hit a nerd love couple. If you do not have a rock then just look around. What you are looking forward to is some super high pants on both the guy and the girl, and one or both is wearing a BYU t-shirt. As for their actions, look for some extremely awkward public displays of affection and maybe some awkward hand holding. This can end up being a fun game where you try to come up with a back story like maybe they met at marriage and family prep class or perhaps she was impressed by his impromptu piano solo at the Wilk.

I highly encourage anyone to go out and look for these nerd couples today

Monday, May 14, 2007

Beverly Hills 90210

Ok, so I have been looking for something to post about and then I came across this amazing clip and there was no way that I could not post about (as the clip says) the greatest tv shows with a zip code in the title of all time Beverly Hills 90120. Ok so I am going to ignore the later seasons which I felt were inferior despite the addition of Kelly Kapowski which was a huge plus and focus on the amazing early seasons that completely ignore the fact that the actors obviously look like they are 30 and there is no way they could be high school students. I mean Dylan looks like he is at least 40 and he is supposed to be like 17 at the beginning of the show.

Anyway, this show is the best. It covered such hard hitting topics like suicide, drug abuse, and how the "cool kids" at the school would ever hang out with a huge loser like Andrea Zuchermann (sp?). Man if there was one flaw in the show besides the obvious age thing it is Andrea. I mean every time she comes on screen I just want to poke my eyes out. Anyway, it even had serial victim Ray Pruitt on the show who got blamed for shoving Donna down the stairs when she obviously slipped and fell on her own. There is no bigger victim in all of television history than Ray Pruitt other than the viewers being victims of being forced to endure David Silver supposedly being a "musician". Man was that horrible.

I also never quite understood how Nat was such good friends with all of the kids. I mean I know they hung out at the Peach Pit and Brandon actually worked there but there is something odd about a middle aged man's involvement in the lives of high school students.

Overall I would give the first couple of seasons of the show a solid B+ which puts it at the level where if there is nothing else on I would watch a rerun and not resort to reading or doing house work. Actually I can just watch the opening sequence and be perfectly content

Monday, May 7, 2007

A few revisions.

I am completely okay with Ben's point system.  The only problem is he is neglecting to include the revision that he made on Saturday.  Ben stated, in front of witnesses, that I could have 6 points.  He now denies it.  However those of us that were there, know the truth.  I would also like to point out that his system has no stipulations as to WHEN I can cash in my points.  A small oversight that makes a big difference.  As the co-point redeemer I am now declaring to the world that points may be redeemed immediately.  I guess Ben is going to have to make peace with the babies quickly because I may just decide to start cashing in now.

In the words of Aron, our very reliable witness, "It nice that you let him think that his still in control."

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The points system

I would like to say that I may have come up with possibly the most ingenious system for keeping out of control baby and puppy crazy wives from over running your house with both babies and puppies or even some unholy combination of the two. You see, I know babies deepest darkest secret, which I will not reveal, but because I know they are out to get me. Unfortunately Tracey does not believe me and doesn't understand that if I let too many babies and puppies into the house the babies would train the puppies to kill me in my sleep. They would have to wait until then because that would be the only time that any of my vital parts would be at biting height of the tiny dogs. This is why I have come up with the brilliant points system.

Here is how the point system works, you carefully select how many points that your household can handle. In our case this is 4. Each kid counts as 1 point and each dog counts as 2 points. Dogs are double because they will never be able to clean up their own poop whereas kids will at some point in the future. this means we could have 4 kids, 2 kids and a dog, or 2 dogs. Now there are a few exceptions like twins count as double. This is because twins always are 4 times the work because they always get each other riled up. The cashing in of the points is also tricky and both parties must agree for a point to be used otherwise it would be complete anarchy. I would wholly recommend this program to anyone.