Friday, January 30, 2009

Jetta Graveyards and Mom Cars

It's official.  The Jetta died.  

For those of you who don't know, Ben has been driving a 1996 Jetta since he came home from his mission in 2000.  It's a been a great car but any of you that have seen it lately (by lately I mean in the 3 years that we have been married) you know that it was on it's last leg. Ben didn't even like to drive Sam in it.  We've been thinking that it was going to die for the last year but with Ben finishing up his degree in the next month or so we thought we were in the clear . . . until Monday when it died. We took it in to get fixed and needless to say, the repairs were going to cost more than the car was worth.  

So I sold it. 

On Tuesday.  

I stuck it on KSL and sold it within literally 30 seconds.  Ben didn't even get to say goodbye.  I picked it up from the dealership with the help of my little brother and sold it in the WalMart parking lot a block away.  

Lucky for us, my mom's office was selling one of their pool cars. They put it up for bid and whoever had the highest bid submitted in a sealed envelope today won.  We won!!!  I am now the proud owner of a Ford Expedition.  Some of you may be wondering how I got a car if Ben's is the one that died.  Well, it works like this:

1. Ben likes smaller cars. 
2. I like larger cars.
3. My Tuscon is smaller.
4. Would you want to park an Expedition in the University of Utah parking lot?
5. Ben's professor was harassing him about his carbon footprint so we figure that it is better if this car gets driven less. 
6. The Tuscon gets better gas mileage, Ben drives more than I do.
7.  The Expedition has a nifty spare mirror that points directly into the backseat to view small children.
8. The Expedition's middle seat scoot forward 11 inches for easy child access
9. The Expedition seats 9.  It's a mom car. 

And finally . . . 

10.  I'm a mom.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ben Says It's Time

Ben has been on my case to post.  Since we can all see what happens when Ben posts (see below)  I decided to relent.   Here is the Christmas letter that I was not allowed to send.  (Ben is anti-Christmas letter)


Our little buddy is growing up so fast.  He is rolling over front to back and back to front.  He is also getting two teeth.  He's had a little cold this month but is now recovered. (Thank Goodness!!!) Everyday he changes so much.  Ben just reminded me about the one tragedy that has afflicted our little guy.  He lost his hair. . . well, some of it.  His lovely long brown hair has fallen out all except for at the crown of his head and the base of his skull.  He looks like he's wearing a little skull cap.  The good news is that it is coming back in thick and blond.  Ben wants to buzz the leftover brown stuff.  The kids jabbers non-stop.  It's really fun now that he is so interactive.  We were video chatting with Daddy today and he was so intrigued!


I am enjoying being home with Sam.  I have picked up a part-time job 2 days a week (8 hours).  It is nice to have a little something to do.  I have also started "THE HARDEST DIET IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE!!!"  Ok, maybe it is not that bad.  It's called the 6 Week Body Makeover.  It's good, lot's of little meals.  No sugar, salt, or dairy.  That part is a little tough.  I am down 10 lbs though in 2 weeks and I've only been on the eating plan for 5 days.  Not bad.  The goal is to lose 70 lbs by Christmas.  Wish me luck!  I'm sure there will be future whining posts if I can manage to stick to it. 


Ben is almost done with his PhD.  We are in the last couple months and then he gets to just be a working dude. He should be done in March. He says he's "Cashing checks and breaking necks." (or something)  We are so excited! So if anyone knows of a job for a Chemical Engineer with a PhD, let us know.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For your consideration...

Tracey claims this story is not funny and only Sam Earl and I think it is funny so I will present it and allow the 3 readers of this blog to decide.

Saturday we were over at Tracey's parent's house and she was watching John Tucker Must Die on tv, a movie about girls getting revenge on the hot shot high school womanizing basketball player. She was enjoying this movie but had to leave to go to the store saying that she would just look it up and finish the movie at home. Me being the nice husband I am, I offered to stay and take care of Sam since I know going to the store is much easier without a kid.

Later that evening we were enjoying a nice dinner at Zupas when I decided to ruin the ending of the movie for Tracey. I asked her if she wanted to know what happens at the end of the movie. Of course she said no. I proceeded to ruin the surprise ending by telling her that in the end John Tucker is playing a basketball game and there is a loose ball and a pile where everyone is fighting for the ball. Finally John Tucker stands up with the ball tossing the other players away and he has turned into a werewolf. Everyone is stunned and John goes down the court uncontested and dunks the ball. I even found some video of this for the blog

I also said at the very end he got together with his friend Boof and surfed on the top of a van. More video of this event, this time in espanol

Now I ask is this funny or not