Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A make up video

I feel really bad about the horror I inflicted with the Mormon rap video so I thought I would make up for it with a genuinely good music video

Makes me want to go run some stairs or beat up a Russian boxer

Thursday, April 23, 2009


We decided that since the weather has been so nice that we would take Sam to the zoo this afternoon.  He had so much fun and was great the entire time.  There was one particular exhibit that he really loved.  

The Penguins.

Some of you may not know this little fact about me but I am TERRIFIED of birds.  Ben usually protects me from birds by walking between me and the ferocious bird. We are planning to train Sam to do the same.  We figure little boys are great at chasing things, why not put those skills to use by chasing birds away. Up until today I was worried that Sam would share my fear.  Apparently not.  Granted, on the scale of scary birds, penguins are at the bottom but I think we are off to a good start.

Here are pictures of our little buddy checking out the penguins. His little legs were kicking like crazy! We actually went back a second time and saw them before we left.  

Notice the look on his face.  I think he is saying, "Mom!  Do you see this?  These things are AWESOME!!!" 

I think the zoo is going to be one of our favorite places this summer.  

Monday, April 20, 2009


Why does my son scream like a Velociraptor all day? He does this the most when he is happy.  I already know that he is experimenting with his voice. 

But seriously.

All day?

Not my favorite thing. 

I think I hear a dinosaur now.  


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh my...

Tracey is forcing me to post this. I would like to point out out that this is almost the definition of why I think there is a difference between being mormon and being LDS


Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Husband the Author

I've decided to post about my other favorite dude: Ben.

Last night as we were lying in bed he told me that he was going to write a trashy romance novel. This is what he does when I can't sleep.  Sometimes he makes ocean sounds complete with waves and seagulls. 

Since I can't remember all of the details he has agreed to tell me the story again.  Red comments are directly from Ben.  Purple comments are my thoughts. 

Once upon a time there was a sassy young women who had always worked really hard and neglected her social life. (Ben: People only saw he intelligence and missed her inner beauty.  In a movie Anne Hathaway would play her.) After years of putting her career first, she finally landed her dream job in publishing.  One day she was assigned to work with a very successful male author.  He was in fact a male author romance novel writer.  He was very attractive and cocky. He did not believe in any of the mushy stuff that he wrote because he was  a "Womanizer, Womanizer, you're a womanizer baby."  (Yes, he did sing it to me.) Shockingly they did not get along.  Every weekend she had breakfast her at brother and she would complain about what a jerk he was.  However, each time she saw he brother she would start telling him something about him that was complimentary.  

One day they found out that they were both supposed to go to "let's say London" for a business trip.  One night while they were there they both started drinking and became more relaxed with each other and then (wait for it)  . . . kissed!  (Betcha didn't see that coming!)

They both went back to there rooms but on the way back, the man ran into an old female friend from college.  Apparently she had no where to stay so he offered to let her stay in his room. The next morning the sassy smart woman showed up at his room only to be greeted by the college friend and was wearing his shirt!  "There was a misunderstanding."   She thought it was a typical womanizer move hooking up with hoochie at the bar.  She gets upset and flounces off and goes back to NY without him.  She says, "I can't handle this anymore, seeing him hook up with women anymore" and "What the what? She gets back on a Saturday and has breakfast with her brother on Sunday."  

As she is talking to her brother, he says "McKenzie (that is her name now), can't you see that if you are this upset there are feelings there beyond just the kiss."

She replies, "Oh Brian, you are so wise.  If only your fiance hadn't died in that freak wolverine attack. I know you to would be truly happy"

Brian, "McKenzie, I truly loved Danika.  (Name of a girl who was in our primary class) What we had was special but I can see what you two have comes along once in a lifetime."

(Queue her with a "What have I done look!" on her face.)

She rushes to the airport but her flight to London is delayed.  "While she is waiting she sees Chad . . . no wait, Chad is kind of a douche bag name . . .  Isaac. " Isaac goes rushing by and she chases him down and somehow they end up at the Statue of Liberty.  Before she can say anything, he explains that before he met her writing romance novels was only a way to make money. But now after he's met her he knows what true love is and it isn't only words in book.  Then they "you know kiss and get together."

A few months later his new book comes out and it is called "Language of Love" and it is their story.  

"Ahh tender. Heart. Fade out."

I'm such a lucky girl. I'm sure it will be published one day.  Here is the photo I'm going to give the publisher when they need one for the cover. 
Ben wants me to tell you that if you think that is the only romance novel he has, you are sadly mistaken.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Ben decided that we needed a blog that didn't focus just on Sam.  So we have a new one that focuses on our other favorite thing. 


So, if your interested our food obession has moved to

Be warned.  Taking our food advice may result in you looking like us.

Sam the Cannibal

Sam is a cannibal.  Ok, maybe he is just a baby.  Ben wants to dress him up as a zombie for Halloween and teach him to growl or say, "Yum!  Brains!" as he tries to eat human flesh.  

His new thing is trying to eat Ben's hat.  I have no idea why.  Please ignore the blur.  Everytime he saw the camera he turned. 

His other favorite thing to eat is my toes.  Anytime his mouth is within 2 ft of my feet he lunges for them.  So weird.