Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Bit Ridiculous

I've decided that there are lots of things about being pregnant that are a bit ridiculous including crazy things I make my husband do.  By ridiculous I don't necessarily mean bad, I just mean a little bit silly when you really think about it.  You all know how much I love lists so here is the "Ridiculous Pregnancy list".
  1. Baby bags- Why are these things so expensive and why do I need the  SUPER cute Kate Spade baby bag Ben just bought me?  I have no idea. But at least I'll be frazzled with a cute bag when Sammy gets here. (In my defense it was on HUGE sale and I've been begging for a Kate Spade for YEARS.)
  2. Childbirth Classes- I'm sure that these classes will prove helpful in some way and maybe I will learn more later BUT do I really need someone to tell me to eat fresh fruits and vegetables?   That's what babycenter.com and common sense are for.
  3. Crazy people in Childbirth Classes- Ben and I saw more visiblely tattooed pregnant women that we have ever seen in our lives.  Keep in mind, this is coming from a coming from a tattooed pregnant women, I'm fine with tattoos!  Some of these people were Klassy with a capital K!  I think my favorite part was either when a girl exclaimed "What?! The "caca" is in there with the baby?"  or when she burst out laughing when the instructor said "buttocks".
  4. Costco size bottles of Tums- Only in pregnancy could this be your favorite treat. 
  5. Bottle controversy-  I keep reading about how certain bottles are bad and you should only give your babies glass ones because plastic is evil.  If you are ever bored, try to tell my husband about this.  You will get a GIANT eye roll and a "People are stupid.  You know that I'm a polymer scientist right?"

Monday, June 23, 2008

Where the heck is Matt (for you Utah folk)

I came across this video on one of the blogs I like to read and I felt like sharing it with the 2 people that read this besides Tracey and me. I can only hope I get to go to half of these places some day.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sammy pics

Here are pictures of our little Sammy. (Not to be confused with Sammy Earl, even though Ben thinks it is funny to interchange them to suit his comedic purposes) Ben thinks the pictures are creepy but cute. Everything was great. He was right on track for his size, about 2lbs and 15 oz. The hardest part was getting him to move his little hands out of his face. Ben is trying to download part of the video. Don't feel like you have to watch it, we're first time parents and therefore obsessed.

Just a couple things you should never say to a pregnant women

1.  Are you sure you're not having twins?
2.  Wow! I was never that big!
3.  You must be getting close!
4.  You're not due until when?!
It's not like I don't know I'm huge.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My husband the joker.

Yesterday afternoon we went on a "Paul Adventure". That means the my dad, Paul, took us on an errand. When I was a kid this often involved panning for "gold" or driving to the middle of no where to look at some railroad track. Now, since my brothers are adults and he has adult son-in-laws, this sometimes means him using his young muscle to accomplish random tasks. Yesterday, he talked Ben into coming and helping him rearrange the trailers by the shop so my mom could take one to Youth Conference this week. Unbeknownst to Ben, first we had to load my dad's antique tractors onto the bed of his Semi Truck. (this is so he can show them off at a tractor show in CA this week) My dad being the tricky guy that he is had a plan, a plan that involved us and my parents riding in the Semi, with the tractors on a lower trailer to the railroad yard and using a special ramp to get them up onto the bed of the semi. This is truly something you would have to witness. Anyway, it was super hot and there was no shade. So while my mom and I sat in the truck (I lounged on the bed in the sleeper) Ben and my dad worked diligently to get these antique tractors onto the bed. Unfortunately, one of them died so the two of them spent an hour and a half getting it running. Ben is pretty fair skinned guy and sunburns super easily. By the time we were done he was beat red and really thirsty.

After finishing up with my parents we decided to go get some dinner at Sampan. Ben is usually a fairly patient guy but last night was a little rough for him. Our waitress took FOREVER to come take our drink order and Ben was starting to get super annoyed because he was hot and thirsty. She finally came and took our order. We ordered our normal dishes but Ben in a random move ordered the Hot and Sour Soup. I was surprised and asked him why he ordered it. That's when I found out how far my husband is willing to go to make a joke. He simply stated, "Because that's how I feel; hot and sour."

And no, he didn't even eat it when it came.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Welcome Home Mom and Dad

It is official, after a 2 year mission up in the frozen wasteland of Canadia, my parents are finally home. They arrived home Saturday afternoon to be greeted by a whole crew of their kids and grandkids.

Some of the grandkids were not even walking when they left so there was definitly some shyness on the kids parts. Tracey and I thought that Cameron would be shy and not leave his parents side for at least the first hour but he was surprisingly outgoing. He told us that when he saw Granny and Grandpa that he was just going to go "Ahhhhhhhhhh!!"He kept his word and screamed whe he saw them and the picture below is a recreation of that event.

We are really happy to have Mom and Dad back from the Canucks and I am sure they will have their hands full with plenty of grandkid babysitting opportunities.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Baby update

Some of you probably know already but we've been playing a fun game at our house called "Keep Tracey Off of Bed Rest"  Apparently my awesome high blood pressure (Thank you genetics!), my huge swollen feet combined with the Toxemia/Preeclampsia of the women in my family is a cause for alarm.  Fun huh?  We have been working diligently to keep all of these factors under control so keep my doctor from putting me on bed rest. My wonderful boss even rigged my desk so my feet are elevated all day and the President of the Bank said he would buy me a recliner to help me stay at work. (Have I mentioned how much I love my job?)
Well, we had an appointment Friday and it looks like I am in the clear . . . for now.  Blood Pressure was good, feet were good and my pee-in-a-jug-for-24-hours test came back great.  To top it all off we found out today that I do not have gestational diabetes! I do have an iron defienciency but that isn't anything a vitamin can't help.    This kid might now be grounded at birth after all.  Obviously we still need to be careful and they will continue to monitor everything but if we're lucky we might get to wait until 37 wks to have this kid instead of scary 34 wks. 
Some of you know, we have been living in Ben's parents house since we got married. They will be home on Saturday from a 2 year mission in Winnipeg Canada.  We are excited to have them back!  In addition to all the fun, Ben and I are just about moved into our new apartment.
Let me rephrase that . . . Ben moved us into the apartment.  I watched and moved the car.