Thursday, August 26, 2010

Singing Sammy

Granny just called and requested I send this to her (she is having major Sammy withdrawal) but I think it is so cute the rest of you might like it too.

Happy Birthday Sammy!

Sam is officially two!

We obviously are not having a party due to the fact that we know a total of maybe 10 people in the entire state of Texas. But we did celebrate Sammy style.

Chick-fil-A potatoes for breakfast (he ate an entire order and half of Ben's)

Buzz Lightyear from Grandma and Grandpa Dannelly

Train and Train Table from Granny and Grandpa Hanson

Cars Gear from Mom and Dad

Grilled Cheese at Red Robing (his other favorite)

Here are some fun things about Sam

He ALWAYS gives open mouth kisses
His run is hilarious (think Phoebe from Friends)
He sings songs in the car.
He always snuggles during Buzz
He is nearly always perfectly behaved in the car and in restaurants
He has sneaky grins
He has the most mechanical mind I have ever seen in a toddler
He has crazy problem solving abilities
He has conversations he with us. With his mouth closed.
He still won't use his words but he definitely communicates what he wants
He wrestles with his best friend - Dad
He loves Poptarts
When it is time to leave he tries to put his shoes on
He LOVES water parks and goes down the big slides at 7 Peaks
He can work an iPod but therefore thinks the TV should be touchscreen
He's super smiley for everyone
I can leave him in nursery or with a babysitter and he could care less.
He watches Football with Dad. (They are watching Preseason right now)

Happy Birthday Turkey! We love you!


We are officially in Texas. So far, so good. We were lucky enough to have my parents move us. They were lucky enough to get to try 20 hours to Texas and then turn around around and drive home. Let me tell you, it is one exciting drive. (By exciting, I mean BORING)

Granted they did get to drive this:

I managed to snap a few pictures (as Ben drove by at 80 mph) of the highlights of the drive. Specifically, the "Welcome to ____ signs" Let me tell you, Utah's is one of the best. Let me show you . . .


Colorado. My friend's son says it looks like an Eagle Scout Project. I'm going to agree.

New Mexico. Saved by scenery.

And my favorite . . . Texas.

Really?! That's it? Just a green sign through our dirty windshield?!

Maybe they don't have as many Eagle Scouts here . . .