Monday, December 31, 2007

For the ladies...

Now I know the title of the post may mislead the zero readers we have, but this post is not a collection of photos of hunks from the 70's and 80's. If you do want that you will be happy to know there is actually a book I saw at Barnes and Nobel that is exactly that.

Anyway, in all of my internet perusing there is really only one writer that I read every single thing they write and that it The Sports Guy on Every Friday he makes his picks for the NFL season and then as a test case lets his wife do the picks. Well it turns out that she killed him this year so he let her write the entire article this week. While reading it I realized that her thoughts regarding her husband probably mimic those of Tracey as evidenced by her Zelda post (Anya, you may also feel the same way). For this reason I would highly recommend it. click here

Ok so for those who actually read this despite the disappointment , here is one picture

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Best/Worst Gift I Could Have Given My Husband

I have been chastised for my lack of posting so I better write something. Let me tell you about Ben's Christmas. I decided to buy the DS Zelda for Ben as a Christmas gift. This choice has ended up being a double edged sword. It's great because he really enjoys it and has spent HOURS being entertained by it. The bad part is, I have COMPLETELY lost my husband. I have never seen him so captivated by anything. Yesterday morning, he was literally playing within 10 minutes of waking up. It's really quite hilarious. Have you ever seen the Home Depot/Lowes commercial where the wife is asking her husband about remodeling the house and he is so wrapped up in the football game that he isn't paying attention to the fact that she is about to spend thousands of dollars on the house? Welcome to my life. If any of you were hoping to hear from Ben this weekend, I would recommend calling him tomorrow. He's fighting "the last guy" as we speak.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Temple square

So after last year I swore that we would never go see the lights at temple square, at least when there were hordes of annoying teenagers roaming around and singing Christmas songs. Man I hate teenagers, but that is the subject for another post. We met Nathan, Kristy, and the kids at Little America and rode Trax to temple square.Here are a few selected pictures of the event.

Us in front of lights Cameron insisted were orange

Nathan and Kristy with the midgets posing nice

Paige just being Paige

A nice one of us

Nathan and Kristy in their natural state

Anyway, fun was had by all especially Cameron who took the opportunity to eat as much snow as he could.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Christmas video

I know I have been posting a lot of videos recently, but I could not resist posting this one. It contains some of Tracey's great loves: Disney World and cookies.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Season...

I would like to officially say that Tracey and I are way ahead of the game this Christmas season. I realize that by stating this fact and bragging a little bit I am just asking for problems. I am expecting to go to check on my secret present stash only to find that they have spontaneously combusted or something else equally unlikely will occur which will destroy all of my hard work. We have finished getting all of our gifts for family members and I only need to get one more thing for Tracey and I have a pretty good idea on that one. Of course things aren't perfect for us because we have one final task to do, the ever dreaded Christmas card photo.

First of all I would like to point out that no matter how good the photo ends up being, it will almost certainly come in a close second for the greatest Christmas photo of all time. The absolute greatest photo occurred about 4-5 years ago and involved me wearing a women's Christmas sweater. The sweater was an amazing find from Savers. It had stuff dangling off of it and built in shoulder pads. I wish there was an digital copy of this photo out there so that I could post it, but alas there is not. Lets just say the camera at the Walmart photo department almost exploded from an awesome overload.

The next problem is finding the correct setting for the photo. You want something to be Christmassy (I know this is not a word, deal with it) but the setting can't be so busy that it either looks like the North Pole threw up behind you or have so much going on that it could cause seizures like the old video games warn about.

Finally, once the right setting is found, you need to figure out a way to take the picture. Since, as Tracey will tell you, I am a cheap ass, there is no way I am going to pay someone to take the photo,. I also hate imposing and asking someone else to help. This is a major problem. Fortunately, it allows me to put to use one of my few hidden skills, tower building.I am the master of stacking random crap to make a tower for the camera. In fact, there is a test one sitting on our coffee table right now.

Luckily Christmas is far enough away the photo is not a super pressing issue but it is a major blemish on an otherwise perfect season