Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Crazy teenagers...

So recently I have noticed a disturbing trend in the generation of kids that are about 10 years younger than Tracey and I, in other words teenagers. This trend is to be constantly taking pictures of themselves and then posting them all over sites like myspace. If that is not bad enough by itself, they seem to think it is cool to pull some goofy face. Now I am aware that these are teenagers so maybe they aren't doing the face on purpose, and they may just look goofy but I think this is a small percentage. The reason I noticed this trend is Tracey's 17 year-old sister Bethany is constantly taking pictures of herself. Not only that but in every picture she is doing one of two faces. First of all is the mouth to the side, demonstrated by Tracey's brother Adam.

So that people don't think I am making this up next to the Adam picture is another taken directly from Bessy's myspace page. I add the disclaimer that Adam's pictures were taken first and then I found the Bethany ones

You can see that the two are nearly identical..

The next pose is what I like to call the "oh I am surprised that a picture is being taken as you can see by me looking off to the side in a "cute" manner." They hope that you completely forget that they are taking the picture of themselves and probably took like 5 of them to make sure it was framed correctly. Again here is Adam and then Bethany

Again the two pictures are almost identical

Finally I would like to point out this picture, again taken from Bethany's myspace page:
I could go on about what is wrong with this picture but I think I will let this video speak for me

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kate and The Killer Headband.

Someday I will have my own my kids and I won't have to shamelessly promote my niece. Here is Kate fighting off her accessories while her mom looks on a laughs.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Uncovering lies

So while waiting for a program to compile at work ar downloading a paper or something I occasionally like to check out the news of the day. I was shocked and dismayed at the exceedingly shoddy reporting I found today on the msnbc web site. I noticed an article titled 10 low-cost locales where jobs are plentiful. To be honest, I could not help but notice the article when it was emailed to me as well. Before I get complaints, I am not ripping any city, just the reporting. The first sign of shoddy reporting was the fact that somehow Idaho Falls made it to 2nd on the list but let's look a little further.

First of all there is no way I am going to believe that Idaho Falls has an area population of 110,000. Doing a little internet sleuthing, I found that as recent as 2005 the population of the entire bonneville county was approximately 91,000. Now that is a pretty big area to be counting and it is still about 20,000 off. The same thing would occur when I was growing up there. If someone ask ed how many people lived in Idaho Falls, the number would be about 20,000 more than was on the sign at the city entrance. According to a 2006 census Idaho Falls is only the 5th most populous city behind Boise, Nampa, Meridian, and even Pocatello.

My next issue is that they claim the city has "decent amenities." First of all, there is no Costco. Second, due to the lack of a food court, the Grand Teton Mall can not even be considered a mall. I guess with the ability to buy anything on the internet, shopping is not as big a deal.

I could go on and on about this terrible article and how they try to make Logan sound great as well but I will refrain. They did fail to mention a couple good points about Idaho falls. The most important being that it is home of the IF Tigers. Go Tigers!

Friday, August 3, 2007

For the married folks...

This video is for anyone who is married or in a long term committed relationship.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Cougar of love: episode what the....

I must explain why the episode recap has been delayed. We were at a birthday party for my nephew Romney Monday and I forgot to set the Tivo (by the way, Tivo is possibly the greatest invention of all time. I do not know how we survived without it). I had to watch the episode online which now that I think about it is pretty sad. Ignoring that depressing fact, his show has gone from amusing to completely insane. I will focus on a couple moments.

The show opens with the girls getting to watch a video from Jayanna that she made after she was eliminated from the show. I have never ever seen this done on a reality show before. Of course, she was bitter and talked trash about Amanda (who is completely insane but I will mention later). The video did no good since the girls watched the video and not Mark. That set the tone for this crazy episode.

So they do their dates and of course there are plenty of chances for the girls to slut it up. I thought it was funny that Amanda complained about the shortness of a dress she picked out. Also Maria actually started looking her age when dancing for 20 minutes just about gave her a heart attack. She was sweating as much as Clay Aiken in a hot dog factory (ok that was a tasteless joke but this was a tasteless episode).

The next date was the 21 year old at high tea. This had such forced humor that it was painful. We get it, she is 21 and immature and doesn't know about stuff like high tea. The producers have all of the subtlety of my Clay Aiken joke.

Finally, there was his date with the super cougar. This was the only date that was actually romantic, which gave Amanda an opportunity to act super insane and jealous. I am a little surprised she did not start walking around the city looking for them. At the end of the date there were some "massages" exchanged, and we will leave it at that. Of course, super coug goes back and tells the girls about it sending Amanda's insanity to Britney Spears level, except not so white trash. I don't think she has ever seen a dating show, or knows how they go. Yeesh!

So of course Maria says she will eliminate herself and in the biggest shock of the season she actually does. The real crazy part was they were supposed to fly to Australia and 21 year old was so scared of flying she just left the show rather than fly for 14 hours. Has she not heard of a benadryl and nyquil cocktail for flying. Anyway, a crazy end to a crazy episode