Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My brothers

I know I seem to have disappeared from the blog with Tracey doing the vast majority of the posting but I figured since our lives are dominated by little Sammy that she would be the much better source of information. This all changed when I found out that MTV now has a web site that has a ton of new and old music videos. To steal from the blog where I heard about it, it is like hulu for music videos.

This brings us to an old debate I have with my brothers Berkeley and Nathan (aka the twins). They were in high school in the late 80s to early 90s and as such had the semi typical musical tastes (Erasure, Depeche mode, etc etc). Now they claim that they had no idea that the musicians from Erasure were gay until they went to a concert I think in Park City and saw the lead singer making out with a dude on stage. I think the following music video should call into question the accuracy of that statement:

I fail to see how anyone could not know after seeing that video, and I rest my case.

I would like to thank whoever left a comment correcting me about it just being the lead singer who is gay. It does not take away from my point that my brothers are lying

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sam's First Professional Pictures

Sam was in such a good mood this morning that I took him to get his picture taken.  That's right he's 8 weeks old and these are his first pictures not taken by his parents.  I'm such a slacker mom.  I've been debating whether or not to go get Kiddie Kandids or more artistic professional photos.  Kiddie Kandids won out for now because it was quick. We'll get the others around Christmas when he is smiling more consistently and hopefully get some family ones done. Anyway, they turned out pretty cute. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hanson Look-alike Meter

So I totally stole this from our friends the Sanfords. Thanks Traci! Anyway, I think this think might be off but what do I know, I'm his mom and I just think he's cute.
MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity - Collage - Morph

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Little Turkey

Every time Sam is a stinker we call him a "Little Turkey".  Lucky for us, Babies R Us had the perfect Halloween costume.  I guess Ben and I will be dressing up as turkey farmers or pilgrims.
I wonder how long I have until I don't get to pick out his costumes anymore.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What . . . more baby pictures?

So I was re-reading some of our blog and I realized that we are turning into boring people that only drone on and on about our baby and how adorable he is.  Granted he is so stinking cute that we can't really help ourselves.  So in an effort to depart from this topic, I will tell you about our first non-baby evening. 

Our first night away consisted of the Weezer concert.  AWESOME!!! We had such a good time and Weezer of course was amazing.  Angels & Airwaves opened for them and were surprisingly great live. My only issue was Tom.  Tom, formerly of Blink 182, is the lead singer of the band.  Granted his vocals have dramatically improved since early Blink days but I'm not sure they have improved to the point that he can consider himself an "artist".  It was really distracting because without his guitar he seemed really uncomfortable on stage.  He used his hands WAY too much and made really weird "I'm trying to be deep and meaningful" poses as he sang.  Add to that the fact that he said, "We are Angels & Airwaves from San Diego California."  about 10 times. Oh really?  Is that why there is a giant banner behind you that says Angels & Airwaves? Now for all you fans out there that have stumbled across our blog, I repeat, they were really great live and we enjoyed their performance.  Maybe I'm just getting old but I miss old Tom that ran around naked in music videos. He did come out and sing the Sweater Song with Weezer. Very cool. Now, if we can just get doofy white dudes to stop jumping up and down with EVERY song.  

Speaking of doofy white dudes . . .  
Ok, he's not doofy.  I just had to sneak a picture in somehow.  


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ben's New Obsession

Ben is a pretty laid back guy, he really doesn't get worked up about much.  However, he does have a small fixation issue.  The "issue"  can focus on anything from finding the perfect snickerdoodle recipe to figuring out why his grandmother-in-law can't print on 5x7 photo paper. His newest fixation is Photoshop.  He's one smart cookie so needless to say he will have in mastered in no time.  Here is his first big foray . . . fixing his wife's subpar photography skills. I'll probably get in trouble for postin this since he still wants to work on it.  I'm just so proud!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Our Three Sams

Last weekend we took a trip south to see my grandparents and our friends Sam, Anya and their boys in Vegas. Our little friend Noah (Samuel Noah) was surprised to hear that this baby had the same name as him and his dad. (Coincidence? I don't think so) He started calling our baby "Sammy Do Do" I told him, "No, his name is Sammy Joe Joe." We then proceeded to start calling Noah "Sammy No No." I think he might have been a little confused.

Having so many Sam's also allowed for plenty of other jokes. For example, I was telling Ben that Sam needed his diaper changed. Big Sam then told me that he was fine. I'm not sure I would want to change Big Sam's diaper anyway.

Here are some pictures of our trip including a fun picture of our Sam and his Great-Grandpa Dannelly.
Big Sam, Medium Sam and Little Sam

Sammy No No
Sammy and Grandpa Dannelly

Music and Babies

A couple of months before Sam was born, a couple of our nieces and nephews were riding with us. We were listening to Weezer and one of our nephews asked if the baby could hear it. I explained to him that yes, the baby can hear the music. In fact, some people play classical music to their babies to help make the smarter. We then proceeded to tell him that we had the baby listen to Weezer and The Killers in order to make him cooler. (When he was born and one of the nephews saw his Mohawk he said, "Look he IS cooler from listening to cool music!")

A couple of weeks later I was listening to The Killers at work. One of the headphones was lying on my stomach so I could answer the phone. The Killers soon came on and Sam started kicking. I started laughing and emailed Ben to tell him. My friend Nate who sits next to me has been calling the baby "Sam's Town" since then in honor of The Killers album with the same name.

We hadn't though much about it until last week when Sam was having a particularly rough night. Ben took him and started listening to The Killers on Itunes. Sammy IMMEDIATELY stopped crying. We took some pictures to document the occurrence. A couple of nights later we were watching SNL with our crying baby and when the musical guest . . . The Killers . . . came on Sam once again stopped crying. So funny! We will continue to test this correlation and let you know if he is in fact a fan or if he's just messing with his parents.

Ben and Sammy rockin' out