Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Sam and  I are headed on vacation next week.  We leave Tuesday to visit my friend Shannon in NH.  We've been friends since I was in High School and she invited me out to come take pictures of her cutie family.  Can't wait!  Fall in New England?  Yes, please! In the last week she has scheduled 5 additional sessions for in the 8 days that I'm there.  SO FUN!

Then on the 14th, Sam and I fly to Orlando to meet Ben and my sister Bethany for a fun-filled week at Disney World.  You know how we love DW!  It will be Sam's first visit so it will be interesting.   Bethany graciously agreed to come with us and help with Sam.  She's a nice girl that Bethany.

I am super excited for the trip.  Maybe not flying across the country with Sam by myself . . .

Until this morning I was feeling really guilty about leaving Ben home alone for 8 days and then he decided to tell me how he's going to do to keep busy while we're gone.

Movies. Sleep. Wendy's.   I barely even remember what a these things are!  Well, maybe I remember what Wendy's is but seriously, who is on vacation here?  I have get take my full-time job with me in a stroller!

Somehow this morning I'm feeling a heck of a lot less guilty about leaving.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Pursuits

So we have a new blog.

We got rid of the food one because let's face it, I don't need to eat more.

I need to exercise more.

So I am.

If you're interested here ya go!

Friday, September 11, 2009

2 Years

Kent went camping last weekend and we all told him to be careful as it was the two year anniversary of his accident. Then I went to work and one of his buddies told me that over the weekend he climbed a 90ft tower on top of a mountain (or something).

Some things never change.

At least he's still handsome.

If you are crazy and want to relive the drama, check out the blog we wrote right after the accident. You'll never believe how lucky he is.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This place called the park

So I'm a bad mom. Until tonight I had never taken Sam to the park. He's been to the zoo, on lots of fun vacations, to Wheeler Farm etc. but never the park.

He was in heaven.

We just let him go in the grass and woodchips and he had a blast. Ben took him on the slide and he got to "play" on the toys. As much as he could anyway.

I practiced.

Of course tonight's pictures turned out much better than then posed one's I attempted Saturday. He was in a better mood. The lighting was better. I was more relaxed.

All in all a fun night for all.

(Unless your name is Kristy and you told me to post these, you can skip the rest of my proud mommy post)

(This picture shows how much he is like his Mommy. We'll see if he sticks his tongue out when he plays the piano.)