Thursday, September 25, 2008

BMW Baby

The other day we got a package from BMW. Enclosed was the above pictured onesie and a matching bib.  Not only do BMW's create loyal drivers, they create loyal babies.  Ben and I had to laugh because we were days from ordering my BMW when we found out that we were pregnant.  Sammy really is out "Beemer Baby" since he replaced my BMW . . . for now.   

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sammy's Big Day

We had Sammy's blessing today and had a great day. We had 62 people at church, I think we almost doubled the Butler Ward and definitely tripled the amount of kids in Sacrament meeting. Afterwards we had lunch at my parents (the Dannelly's) and had a great time. There were even more people there and we had a great time seeing everyone. Sammy got lots of attention from everyone today. He had the opportunity to be held by lots of relative and there were a couple of times I thought that we might have fights break out over the little guy. Here is a link to our web album if you would like to see pictures from today. If you are in any would like a copy let me know and I will email you the file.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just a little guy

We tried on Sammy's blessing outfit this morning.  Here a picture of my 9 1/2 lbs newborn in his newborn size outfit.  How is it too big? What you can't see is that his pants are pulled up to his chest.


Is it part of being a first time parent that makes every baby moment so monumentally cute?  

Does this fade with each subsequent child like the need to take pictures?  (Ben is still bitter that there aren't many pictures of him as a child and in the ones that do exist he is merely a face in the crowd.)

Back to the point . . . Sammy does some pretty cute stuff.  I love it when he is almost asleep and gives us a gas smile while rolling his eyes.  So funny!   I wish I could get a picture. Ben frequently tells me that he has been usurped by a younger, cuter version of himself.   

Let me tell you about the funniest thing he has started doing.  .  .

My son thinks he's a puppy.  Considering he has NEVER even been around dogs I'm not sure how this happened.  During feeding time he likes to growl and clamp onto whatever or whoever  is feeding him.  He then proceeds to shake his head back and forth like a dog tryint to rip a rope toy from someone's hand. 

Always funny and sometimes painful.   

 "What? Who me?"

He must have learned that from his dad. 

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sammy cuteness

I'm guessing from Anya's comment that it is time to post again.

Sammy and his parents are doing great. I feel like we are adjusting to Sammy's schedule. In other words, nap and feeding times rule the Hanson household. He's still a good baby and the nightly feedings haven't been too bad. He is his father's son because he has already started to antagonize me. He likes to play a game that goes like this.

1 Wake up hungry
2. Cry
3. Refuse to eat
4. Calm down and start to eat
5. Fall asleep
6. Repeat steps 1-5

Here are some pictures of the little stinker.

Monday, September 1, 2008

First weekend home

Just wanted to give you all an update. Sammy and I were released Friday around noon and are so happy to be home. Everything is going well. Sam is such a sweet baby and so freaking cute! He is changing every day. Just today he is happy and will sleep without being swaddled. Amazing! Bedtime is going well. He has slept in his crib in HIS room every night and so far is averaging 2 or 3 feedings a night. I've been determined that he would and for now it is working, we'll see if my luck and resolve hold. Ben and I are quickly learning to adjust to parenthood. Our apartment looks like a baby store exploded in our apartment. We are finding out what it is like to plan our day around the feeding schedule of a newborn. Usually we spend our weekends running around . . . not anymore!