Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Merry Christmas

This goes to show #1 the Killers are awesome and B. you can write a song about Santa and guns and still make it cheery

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ben Hanson Bowling Invitational

Last night (Saturday) we had the somewhat annual Ben Hanson Bowling Invitational where literally a few people competed for the coveted Ben Hanson Cup (pictured to the left, please ignore it is actually a trophy and not a cup).

In atypical BHBI fashion, it was actually a fairly exciting match coming down to the final frame with, Nathan, Berkeley, Johnny, and Ben within about 10 pins of each other. To make it even more exciting I was in the lead going into the final bowler (Johnny). Unfortunately he completely cheated and ended up winning. The last photo is the one which will be placed upon the Ben Hanson Cup until next year.

The Family all bowling, hoping to win

Cameron watching the action

The winner Johnny doing the pose that will go on the trophy

Thursday, November 15, 2007

It speaks for itself...

I would just like to say this video contains 3 of my favorite things. 1. High School Musical 2. Home made choreography and 3. Not letting a thing like not really knowing the lyrics stop you from singing in public. With that said, please enjoy...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Get it Straight

The correct phrase from Shot of Love (see Ben's post) is "You still have a shot at love.  Are you interested?"

Friday, November 2, 2007

My death of reality TV

I think at this point it is a firmly established fact that Tracey and I have been big fans of reality tv, specifically dating reality shows. Now I say have been since, even though Tracey still loves these shows, I have finally had enough and can no longer stand reality television. My distaste for these shows can be directly tied to the horrible, horrible show Shot atLove with Tila Tequila. First of all let me say is there really such a shortage of people to put on these shows that MTV has had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to give a show to a person whose only real talent/claim to fame is posting slutty pictures of herself on MySpace? I mean her personality is pretty much nonexistent and her head is a perfect cube, but I digress.

This show has also crossed the line in that I believe they went out of their way to find people with serious personality disorders. On a recent episode, a guy who had spent probably a total of 30 minutes alone with cube-head convinced himself he was completely in love. This lead to him attacking another contestant when he "didn't have a shot at love" and then spending an hour screaming "Cube-Head!" (or maybe it was her name... I get the two confused) outside like that would convince her she made the wrong decision. They have also added the aspect where she has to decide if she likes girls or boys. I really think they should change the name from "Shot at Love" to "Dad, will this make you pay attention to me?"

Also, why do all of these shows feel like they have to have a little catch phrase during the elimination ceremony. Personally, I blame the creators of Survivor for starting it with "The tibe has spoken." How this eventually morphed into "you still have a shot at love, will you take it?" I think they then should be forced to drink until they all get alcohol poisoning, preventing me from listening to these morons trying to have conversations. I could go on and on but I will refrain.


Ben has been on my case to post something so I thought I would take minute to get everybody up to date on the family.

Kent is home and pretty well recovered. He has been really lucky. The doctors finally cleared him to drive and work so his incarceration has ended. It's really good to see him back to normal. It's a good thing that he has his freedom back, I'm not sure my mom could deal with the two of the taunting each other any more.

A couple weekend ago Ben and I got to get away for the weekend. We went to Enterprise and saw my grandparents. Ben got to go on an outing with my Grandpa Dannelly and my Uncle Dwight. He learned all sorts of exciting things like the logistics of cattle herding and how to butcher a cow. The most exciting part was when Dwight let him drive the semi. Some of you may not know this but my dad and uncles drove truck for many years and in a effort to relive his youth my dad bought a Volvo semi last winter (purely for recreational purposes). Anyway Ben could hardly wait to slip into a conversation that he likes driving Peterbilts better than Volvos. (He's never driven the Volvo) He finally got the chance and my dad had a good laugh. However, he got an even bigger laugh when Dwight called my dad and told him that Ben drove a Kenworth, not a Peterbilt. Dad made sure he called both me AND Ben to give Ben a hard time.

The other fun part of our trip was going down to Vegas to see Sam and Anya and their kids. We had such a good time that Ben came up with the great plan of buying a house behind them and making one "Big Love" style backyard. At least this way Anya and I could start a support group to discuss our crazy husbands. I also got a new boyfriend while I was there, their cute little Noah. He took me on a couple of "dates". I even got a big kiss on the lips. Ben was a little jealous but I think it's fair since their dog, the giant Daisy, slobbered all over him.