Friday, August 24, 2012

Party Time!

Sam is having a pretty fabulous birthday week.  On Tuesday, his friends joined us for a super fun pool party. We had swimming, pizza, Nutter Butters (Sam's favorite) and Angry Bird Cupcakes.  

I spent two hours on Monday night making the cupcakes.  Cupcakes that I knew that my son wouldn't eat.  (He's anti-cake) However, he loved looking at them and his friends devoured them.  They started off looking really cute.  (Of course I only got a photo with my iPhone.  I think there might be a tutorial coming.)

After 2 hours, our Angry Birds looked like they had been shot at one too many pigs.  

Sam had such a good time swimming with all of his cute friends. We had lots of friends from church including some of our very favorite adults.  Somehow I didn't get pictures of everyone but we had quite the crowd.

Here is the back of one of the Peterson kids. She has brothers that are just older and just younger than Sam.  When her mom told her they were going to a party she asked who it was for.  When Megan told her it was for Sam she replied, "Sam Hanson?!  Oh, we know him.  He's the loudest kid in Primary.  He likes to play the piano loudly."

Sam's reputation precedes him.

He even had an older woman there. We love Jordan and she loves Sam.

Here is Ben and Sam's current lady friend Renee.  She loves buckets.  

It wouldn't be a swimming party without his BFF Logan.

And our sweet friend Rebekah.  We don't get to play with her much now that Sam is in school so he was extra excited to see her.

And finally, even Dannelly got in on the swimming action.  This girls loves the water AND her brother.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

(Kinda) Solid Food

Little Miss is not super interested in her bottle these days so we gave solid foods a shot today.  Pears and Oatmeal. Some of it may have actually made it into her stomach.  

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Sam and Elly are best friends.  They love to be around each other.

If Sam hears Elly crying he says, "Sounds like Baby Sister!  Mom, go get her!"

If Sam is playing with Elly and leaves, she immediately starts to cry.  Even if the playing involves him laying on top of her. 

One of Sam's favorite games (that I can hear him playing the bedroom right now) is when he lays on the bed and rough houses with Ben.  If Elly is around she performs her signature (assisted) move called The Baby Slam.  It amounts to us slamming Sam in the stomach with his sister.  They both love it. 

Most of all, they both love their snuggle time.  I grabbed the picture above last week while Sam was "watching Baby Sister" while I was getting ready.  Hooray for the iPhone.  

While I was getting ready today, much to her dismay Elly got put in the bouncy.  Finally I took her out and laid her next to Sam on the bed.  She immediately stopped crying. 

Sometimes you just need some time with your big brother.