Thursday, July 26, 2012

4 months old and 3 yrs and 11 months old

Ben says this is my triumphant return to the blog.  I say it is that I'm finally caught up on photos shoots.  Nothing like taking the summer off.  :)

The kids are FANTASTIC as usual.  Dannelly is four months old today.  She seems to  have finally kicked congestion, a clogged tear duct and most of her reflux.  She has the sweetest little personality and is just happy to be here.  She constantly smiles at everyone, especially Sam.  Sam appreciates this and constantly tries to maul play with her. Most of the time she is pretty tolerant and rewards him with jabbers and grins.  

Sam will be four next month and has had a GREAT time this summer. Mostly because he is naked CONSTANTLY.  I seriously cannot keep anything but underwear on this kid.  Last Sunday Ben had to dress him three times for church.  He had a FABULOUS time in Utah and talks about his grandparents and cousins all the time.  About every other day he tells me we are going to Utah.  He loves to go have lunch with Daddy and most mornings he wakes up and says, "Where's Dad?  Let's go get him and have P. Terry's."  The kid has good taste.