Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sam and the slide. (Holy posting!)

I took Sam to Inflatable Wonderland last week. Of course he decided he needed to go down . . . .


Sam's TX Dance

This morning we went to breakfast and had to wait outside for our table. There was some rad old cowboy dude playing the guitar. He was so awesome that Sam did a little dance for us.

His little skinny jeans crack me up.

Happy Halloweenie!

This was our first year of trick or treating. We actually just went to a party at our church and Trunk or Treated. It did the job. Plus, I didn't have to worry about crazy people giving my kid strange candy.

Putting Sam in a costume is a bit of a challenge. He won't wear anything on his head. He won't wear anything around his waist (you should have seen the reaction to the dinosaur that had suspenders so it looked like he was riding it) and he definitely won't wear capes. Even cute one's lovingly sewn by his mother.

About a month ago we bought Sam some little black converse shoes. Based on this we decided he would be a Greaser. His jeans from last year are still the right length but now they look like skinny jeans. So all we needed was a white t-shirt and a comb.

Then we went to Target and found this beauty . . .

We even gave him little sideburns. So funny.

The costume parade.

Someone embracing his inner bad boy.

Love this boy.

He had such a fun time and got a good haul of candy. Luckily for Ben and I, he doesn't like candy. Score.

Cooking with Z

My little cousin Zaylee is the biggest crack up. She told me that she lives in Sandy & Tony (aka San Antonio)

Anywho . . .While I was there we put together a couple of meals for her family while her mom was in the hospital. She REALLY likes to help in the kitchen and begged to help me cook. After pouring milk on my phone, I realized that we had to come up with something suitable for her to do. She became Enchilada Girl.

First, she would get out the tortilla. It was essential that she patted every single one.

Next, I would add the chicken and "soup" as Zaylee called it.

Third, Zaylee would add the cheese. The amount wasn't too consistent. And she may or may not have licked her fingers a couple of time. I figured it was her parents eating them so it wasn't that big of a deal.

I would then roll them and stick them in the pan.

When we were done filling all of the enchiladas, she poured (dumped) the rest of the cheese on top. She was one good little helper.

In other news, she and Sam got in a fight over the iPod. In a rather uncharacteristic move by Sam, he bit her arm. She didn't even cry. Sam got a massive time out.

Later I said, "Hey Z, let me see your arm.."

After looking at it, she said, "Oh. OWWWW!" I wasn't so convinced.

Granted, it does look like a tiny shark bit her. Such a naughty boy.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baby Jack

Last night I got a phone call at 3:00 am from my Aunt Nicole telling me that her baby had decided to it was time to come and that I was on 3 yr old duty. Her sweet neighbor Sara took Zaylee in the middle of the night and kept her until morning when I could get here. She's a saint. :)

We made it to San Antonio at about 8:30 just in time to head over to the hospital to see Jack and Nicole with Alex and Zaylee. As soon, as Zaylee saw him she rubbed her hands together and said, "He is SOOOO cute!" She's right, he really is. He is to tiny with tons of dark hair. You have never seen a sweeter baby. He just sleeps quietly with his little mouth open. Sigh . . . so cute. I might try to sneak him out with me when Sam and I go back to Austin tomorrow. :)

I know none of you actually care about my ramblings so we'll get to the good part - THE PHOTOS!!! (There is one photo of Nicole but I think she might kill me if I post it.)






Sam was not as impressed as his mother.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sam's blankets . . . with an S

Sam has two blankets that he loves. We call them Brown and Blue.

He LOVES them.

They are minky on one side and silky on the other. He loves to rub them on his face and carry them around by their tags.

Recently he has decided that he needs to take them with him everywhere he goes. Super annoying because then I end up needing to wash his blankets CONSTANTLY.

So I thought, "Hey, he's a little boy. Little boys LOVE capes. I'll just make him a cape with a silky side and tags at the bottom."

Brilliant, eh?

So I researched how to make capes online, went on Illustrator, designed him a little "logo", cut out a template with my silhouette and went to the store to buy fabric.

Let me tell you sewing isn't something I'm super great at. I can do it, but not real well.

I appliqu├ęd his logo out of felt. Cute. . . I'm on a roll.

Then I put together the cape. Not so cute, but I learned some valuable cape lessons.

This morning Sam and I went to the store again for more fabric. I had a better plan.

This time the logo looked even better. The cape looked pretty good. The sewing machine cooperated. By the end I was feeling pretty proud of myself. I even took pictures to send to Ben and our moms.

See? Cute.

Then came the moment of truth. Will Sam like/wear the cape?

I put it on him.

He ripped it off and threw it on the floor.

Guess Mommy has a new cape.