Sunday, February 14, 2010

Last Week - Luck, Laughs, Loss and Love (and Boogers)

Where to begin . . .

Our little family has had quite a week.  

Monday (the day of Luck and Laughs), all of Ben's hard work paid off and he was officially made a post-doc at the University of Utah.  YEA!!!  His boss even introduced him to someone as Dr. Hanson.  Such a proud moment!  

While all of this was happening I was at the mall shopping for a dress for our nephew's baby blessing.  After searching the mall and finding nothing I ended up in Lane Bryant. I found a darling wrap dress and was happy to fit in the smallest size in the store. Hey people, its the little things.  The funniest part happened while I was checking out. The manager came out and said, "You're really cute. Do you want to model for us?"  

Say what?!

Turns out she is friends with a local celebrity stylist/personal shopper who has a segment on one of the morning shows.  She needed to find some "models" for a segment this next week and asked me if I would do it.  I have no idea what I will be wearing or what I'll be doing but I know I'm getting styled tomorrow and then I will be on the show later this week.  One of my cute sister-in-laws LOVES the segment and the stylist.  So apparently this is a big deal.  Maybe after I see what I'm wearing tomorrow I'll tell you what channel, day and time.  I'm a little nervous to be a "plus-sized model"  Is that something to be proud of? Should I be laughing? Embarrassed?  Or should I just wait and see?

On a sadder note, Ben's adorable grandmother passed away this week. Everyone called her "Great" instead of Grandma.  She was 91 and hilarious . . . and she loved the Jazz.  Especially John Stockton.  Oh, how she loved John Stockton.  Today after the baby blessing we got the chance to go take pictures of her home with all of her things still in the home.  It was fun to hear Ben's dad, aunts and sibling reminisce about different things in the home.  I didn't meet her until 4 yrs ago when Ben and I got engaged.  My memories of Great will always be tied to her sitting in her this chair with her little table of gear.  Usually it held her remote control so she could watch her ball games.  

Such a cute and funny lady.  We will all miss her.  

Finally, its been a week for L-O-V-E.  Ben is the best husband ever and he gave me a 6 qt enamel dutch oven.  Ben got an edible fruit arrangement.  It was very romantic. Sam gave me a week full of runny noses.  Boogers, boogers everywhere.  Being the little Don Juan that he is though he still managed to send Valentines to his "ladies" and immediate family despite being sick.  He has informed me that he didn't send out enough cards though so we are sending it into the blog-o-sphere.

Happy Valentines Day!