Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Camera Strap

Recently I purchased a new camera, the Canon 5D Mark II.  Sigh.  I love it.  Anyway, it has one small problem.    It has "CANON 5D MARK II " embroidered on the strap.

Ben immediately told me I had to get a new strap because
a) it was just begging to be stolen
b) it looked pretentious.

Both points that I agree with.  I didn't even have to tell the guy at Pictureline which camera I was talking about when I told him I needed a new strap.

Since I am traveling to Denver this weekend to shoot one of my BFF's weddings (YEA KARA!!!)  I decided to get one before I left.  Pictureline recently started carrying the cutest line.  The brand is called "madebymeegz"  They are super fun feminine quick release straps.  She has them for point and shoots and DSLR's.  Since many on my friends have the same camera obsession that I do, I'm linking to her website. She also has an Etsy shop. Seriously, go check them out.  They are DARLING!  I got the Black and White Delight.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Cards and Such

Holy Christmas Cards!!!  Just when I thought I was done, my dad asked me to take some pictures and do a "special" card for him on Christmas Eve to email to his CAT (tractor) buddies in England.  It was a super quick creation but funny anyway.  Here is the collection of cards from us and the Dannelly's.

Dad's card

My parent's card

The sticker that came with our card

And our card . . .

Happy Holidays!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tricky Tricky Sneaky Sneaky

Sam has a new favorite game.  It's called "Let's Hide Stuff From Mom".  Here is a list of hidden objects and their respective hiding places.

1.  Dad's contact case - Found in the TP package under the sink
2. Sam's water bottle - Found in the toy drawer.  He put it back as soon as Ben took it out.
3. Bottle of milk - Entertainment center drawer
4. Toy ATV - Grandma's tupperware drawer
5. Mom's contact case - Under the bathroom sink
6. Sam's water bottle (again) - Mom's rain boot.  I took it out.  Later he went to the boot again, we thought he was going for the water bottle.  Wrong, he wanted the comb that he had also hid in the boot.
7.  Mom's foundation makeup - Inside the toy helicopter
8.  Pacifier - I watched him hide it under the couch and retrieve it later.
9. Mom's Blackberry - In the dinosaur at Grandma's

And my very favorite 

10.  Grandma's cordless phone - In the toilet. 


Sam has really taken off walking in the last month.  Ben calls him a T-Rex because he walks with his arms bent at 90 degree angles and growls.  The only problem is, his balance in the morning isn't super hot.  The other day he went to stand up and fell forward and hit his face on his plastic tool bench.  His eye immediately started turning black and swelling. He cried for about 90 seconds then pushed Mom away and went off to play.  What can I say? He's a tough guy.

Here is the eye the next day: