Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ben the sandwich thief

I came across this picture as I was putting the pictures from the cabin onto the computer and I thought it was pretty funny. It was taken as the kids were having lunch and Ikey-boy (like all kids) needed some encouragement. I was in the other room getting the fishing stuff ready when I heard Anya and Tracey telling Ikey that he needed to eat his sandwich fast or Ben was going to come in and steal his sandwich. For some reason Ikey is especially susceptible to this type of ploy. Whenever he acts like he is done someone has to say that they are going to eat his food and he immediately wants it again. You would think that he lives in a house where his food is constantly stolen. Of course that is not the case.

After a while I decided to help out by playing the part and acting like I was there to steal his sandwich. Ikey reacted by grabbing the sandwich and immediately cramming it all into his mouth as fast as possible. All in all I thought it was a good strategy since I do love sandwiches. I thought it was a good feeding aid as long as Ikey boy does not choke

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dobby dobby

This Memorial day weekend we were able to spend some time with our good friends Sam and Anya at Sam's parent's cabin. They have 2 of the funniest boys on the surface of the planet. This is exemplified by the following story related to us by Sam and Anya. I guess the family drove up to Cedar City on Friday and stayed at a hotel. The kids had been doing baby talk all night which consists of saying "dobby dobby" to anything you say to them. After a dobby filled evening they got everyone in bed and the lights out and had been enjoying the silence for a little while when Ikey-boy (now what he calls himself) said "Mommy..." Anya being the great mom she asked him what he needed to which he responded with "dobby dobby." The boys found this hilarious.

Of course this became the running joke of the weekend. Sam concluded that it was the perfect response to any question. "How are you today?"... "dobby dobby". "What do you want to do this evening?"... "dobby dobby". "Would you like fries with that?"... "dobby dobby". As I said, perfect. The joke came to a head when Sam, Pops (Sam's dad), and I were upstairs with the boys and all of the ladies were downstairs. We kept sending the boys down to tell Anya and Tracey dobby dobby. After one time Noah (4 years old) came back and told us he told Anya dobby dobby and in his words "Mommy said, 'just get away from me.'" I am hoping this dobby dobby trend will catch on

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Visions of Our Future

This weekend we babysat Ben's brother's kids Paige (almost 6) and Cameron (3 today). We had tons of fun with them and caught glimpses of the the future here are 10 things that we learned watching the "skids" for 24 hours.

1. Kids are happy with cheap entertainment. Running through the sprinklers and 2 baths do the trick
2. Kids don't can't be fooled. We pulled up to the Ft. Union Target and Cameron, who is used to the Orem Target, exclaimed, "They changed Target!"
3. Yes, you do need to take a spare diaper. Halfway to Ben's grandma's house we realized we didn't bring a diaper for Cameron. As a preventive measure I said, "Hey Cameron! Don't poop okay?" He pooped . . . shocking that my method didn't work isn't it.
4. Donuts for breakfast=meltdowns later. We thought Nathan and Kristy would be home earlier than they were. Our sugar fest this morning backfired on us.
5. Dressing a three year old is like dressing a wet noodle.
6. Chasing kids is harder when you are 6 months pregnant. How do people have more than one?! I'm a whimp.
7. Apparently nerf dart stick really well to windows. Kristy, I just want you to know this was Ben's doing, not mine.
8. Ben makes riding in the grocery cart exciting. I think the kids had a ride as exciting as any at Disneyland.
9. Even if a kid likes bread, cheese, pepperoni and spaghetti sauce, that doesn't mean they like pizza.
10. I am going to be exhausted for the rest of my life.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Awesome video

I have been trying to do more posts on family stuff but I could not resist this video

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My wife the cabbage patch kid

Before I get angry messages about this post, let me say that the picture I used in this post was created by Tracey and emailed to me. I feel this is sufficient proof that she is aware of the situation and has a good sense of humor about it.

Those of you who have had children probably saw the title and knew exactly what this post is about. For the maybe one person who reads doesn't know, a common side effect of pregnancy is water retention. With Tracey's high blood pressure this seems to be much more common. When she is able to keep her feet up at work, her legs stay normal. When she is not able to, her feet begin to look a lot like the cabbage patch kid in the picture. She is not supposed to worry unless she gets headaches or blurred vision from the water retention which has not happened (knock on wood). The only advantage to this phenomenon is that I get to have fun creating patterns with dents in her swollen feet. I would add a gallery of my finest designs but I know it would get me punched.